We at Web Frontier, offer your business a piece of digital real estate (In a matter of speaking).  What this means, is that we will put your company in the position to receive the most promising traffic.  In other words it is like putting your business in a storefront downtown on a major business street.  The only difference is that we will put you in front of potential clients that are already looking for what you have to offer.  In turn our services will provide visibility and a prime location on the internet.

We live in a technological world where search engine marketing is very important to grow your business.  If your business is not visible to the world then you will loose out on potential clients every day.  We are not going to lock you into a contract or give you monthly fees for the rest of your life.  Our consultants will analyze your business and see how long it will take to bring you to the top, which can be from 6 to 12 month periods.


  1. Digital Real Estate:

Imagine that you are out and about and you need to find a local store or restaurant what do you do? One word comes to mind, Google it. In fact, Google is so popular that it has become a verb! Most of us “Google it” and then out of convenience choose from whatever hits our eyes first. So, do you think those businesses are profiting off of being on that first page?

  • Taking your Company to the top of searches with potential clients
  • What would you do with even 10 to 20 more customers a month?
  • Current Advertising Not Working?
  • Finding Keywords that are relevant and high in searches
  • We only use proven and safe methods to rank your website
  • Natural Ranking Methods ( No Black Hat Tricks)
  • Only Work With One Company Per Niche, Per Area

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  1. Social Sites:

Some examples of social sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram. Having these sites linked to your business is an opportunity that we provide as well. But why does having a social site matter when it comes to marketing and advertising?

  • You are more visible to the world!
  • The more connections you have the more your business will shine on the web, and build your web presence.
  • Having social sites are important because they let others not only share your business very easily to the masses but they can post reviews as well.
  • Facebook for example lets others share your business or reviews for you!
  • Social Media Management & Marketing!

We will build Google optimized social sites!

  • One social site for just $25.00
  • Two social sites for $38.00
  • Three social sites for $54.00


  1. Videos:

Do you have a video of your business? Why would you want to have a video about your business? How can having a video of your business help get you business? Videos are like a giving the customer an inside peek into your company. It instantly builds trust with the viewer and is commonly considered highly professional.

  • Brings a personal touch for your business!
  • “Commercials” Just think about it!
  • People are visual learners most of the time!


      5. Web Design & website optimization

We can help build a website for you from the ground up or redesign your website that is pushing people away.  Having an attractive website is very important, because you need to keep your potential customers on your website so that they want to buy from you.  When we are working with you we will optimize your website, and still keep the integrity of your website.


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