You have started a business and it is doing well but you feel like there is more that you can do to expand your customer base. You have a website and you had hoped that it would bring in many new customers every month to set you on a secure footing. Well, the website isn’t exactly getting the visitors that you wanted or expected. Now it is time to bring in a Denver SEO expert.

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. In common terms that means making your site relevant to your business so that the search engines will see it as a company that will be valuable to the person looking for specific information or a specific service or product.

What to expect from a consultant.

When you are looking to choose a marketing expert it helps to know what they can do for you. The firm looks at your web site and determines what niche you can expect to have the most success in. It helps if you have an understanding of what keywords your customers are likely to search for in Google. This is what the expert can do for you. He can analyze your specific niche to find out what keywords people are actually searching for to find your business.

Your  consultant should check your local citations for your web site. A local citation is a link from a site that has your name, address, and phone number listed on it. Examples of citations are such sites as Yelp, Angie’s List, and the BBB. Local citations are very important to your rankings in Google these days.

Your service will also check the rankings of your site in the major search engines to see where you currently stand. Once they have found out where you stand they will probably do an assessment of your current web site. Search engine optimization is all about determining how the search engines will view your website. Google and the others have to view your website in terms of how relevant it is to a niche. The search engines will look at your site and determine what your site is all about. Then they will serve the best sites to the person searching so they can find what they need. The SEO agency will make your site relevant to your customers or potential customers. They can then lay out a plan for you to reach the first page and dominate your competition.

Good SEO companies will make sure that you have developed a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account. These are called social properties and have also become very important when determining whether your main site is one with a good deal of authority in your chosen niche. The search engines like to make sure that their results are showing the best choices for your customer to find what they really want and need. The social sites show that you are truly an active presence on the internet.

In conclusion:

When you are choosing the best SEO company in Denver you want to find one that is well versed in all area of understanding how search engines work. You want a company that has the confidence and know how to rank you on the first page. The best companies are those who not only develop your website but also understand how social properties need to be integrated as well. You need to look for page one domination!