We love small businesses in Colorado Springs!

Yes, we at Web Frontier are dedicated to the success of small businesses in Colorado Springs.  We realize that online marketing is not only daunting for the small business owner but it can also be out of reach financially. We believe in small business and we believe in helping you get to the first page of Google with a budget you can afford.

Higher Rankings Means More Customers

It is a fact that if you are not on the first page of Google, then your website will probably not be seen by many people. Most people when they use a search engine will visit the sites on the first page. That is where they will choose to do business. Google prides itself on giving its users the most relevant information on whatever their users want to find. That means to be on the first page; your site needs to be as informative and as relevant as possible. Your site needs to show your expertise in your field. You need to be the most authoritative website concerning your business. Being the best is one of the facets of achieving the first-page ranking.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

The main idea behind search engine optimization or SEO is to start thinking like your customers. If you think like your potential client, you will come up with ideas or keywords that your customer will search for when using a search engine. Sometimes this is fairly obvious such as if you are a dentist, it is most likely that your potential customer will search for the term dentist and will probably also add the name of the city of their location. With this in mind, it would make sense that this information would be present on your website. If I am looking for a dentist in Colorado Springs, then information, as well as the terms dentist and Colorado Springs needs to be on the front page of your site.

Google is becoming fond of a type of coding that can be added to websites called schema markup. In general, terms what schema markup consists of is coding that tells Google where you are located, what your business is, what types of social websites you are linked to, and other useful information to make it easier for them to tell more about your website. We add schema markup to all sites we work with.

Mobile Websites

Since May of 2015, mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches. Most people now search the internet from phones and tablets which mean that your site needs to be mobile friendly. The same design often cannot be used for both mobile and desktop viewing. A standard desktop website may appear tiny on the phone and probably won’t appear on the screen without scrolling. This causes users to often skip the site. Google is even starting to give preference in mobile searches to sites that are mobile friendly. You have to have a mobile friendly website! This is no longer an option. We make sure that our clients have mobile websites. This way you are ready for customers whether they are searching for services on their phones or on their desktops.

What Do We Do?

When a business is looking for Colorado Springs SEO services and they come to us, we begin with a comprehensive analysis of your website.

  • We will look at your website like Google looks at it. This means we will look for the information on your site that will tell searchers what they are looking for. Google wants to offer searchers the most relevant information for their search. We will look for your main topic or service and make sure it is described properly. We will also look for all of your contact information to make sure that searchers will find you when they search for a specific area. We also look for schema markup which is the background code that gives location, topic, and social site information to Google.
  • We will look at all of your code to make sure that it is optimized properly for those that are searching for you.
  • We will make sure that you have all of the main social sites that are now necessary for good rankings such as Google business, Facebook, etc. We can create these when necessary.
  • We check to see if you are located in Google maps.
  • We will check the links to your site to make sure that they are good links and to also see what links are necessary to add to your backlink portfolio.
  • We will study your competition to see why they are ranking better than you.
  • After our analysis, we will put together a plan for your site to move you to the first page of Google. This will include:
    • Adding social sites that are missing
    • Make sure you are listed in Yext as well as other sites that are known as citation linking sites.
    • Google maps listing
    • optimize website for best appearance to Google as well as your clientele.
    • Press releases to online news sites.
    • Build a linking strategy of sites relevant to yours.
    • Monitor and give you monthly reports on your progress.

Our Promise To You

We work tirelessly and ethically to bring you the best Colorado SEO results. We have been successful for other small businesses and we will be successful for you. We believe that we succeed when YOU succeed!