With 20 years experience in the Internet business and search engine marketing we are able to point you in the right direction. The Internet is constantly changing and we try to focus on keeping up to date with what is trending and working. Our company is a family business consisting of Dan and Joshua Hammes (Father & Son). As a team we work together from the technical & design aspects of the business to the marketing and social aspects. At Web Frontier we can bring generations of benefits into fruition for your business with services and Marketing.


In this day and age, connection to the world is everything. The Internet is invaluable in raising the level of business that one conducts. Some of the older generations of business owners are daunted by world marketing on the web and so remain unaware of their own business capacity. Well, that is where those of us in this generation can help!


Joshua Hammes received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with honors from Oral Roberts University in 2011. Bringing to the table a large background in sales and management, he is your local, friendly front man for Web Frontier!


Dan Hammes has been in the Internet business for 20 years and has focused on web hosting, design, and Internet marketing. This father of 6 and husband of 30 plus years has always provided for his family with some innovative thinking and the click of a button.


Our model is “We Succeed when You Succeed” because we stay in business by bringing you business. If we are not bringing you business then we would be out of business. How is your business doing? What are your goals for your business? Your goals are our goals. We are truly here to help manifest and realize your dreams and future with your business. Some of the ways we do this are by:

  • focusing on truly getting to know you and your business.
  • taking the time to learn about your business and market it the way it should be.
  • looking to help build your business and produce the traffic that is passing you by.

We know running a business takes a lot of time, and hard work. By letting us help you by providing you with customers your attention and time can be truly dedicated to your work. We can bring you more business by putting you in front of potential customers leaving you free of time and worry over the success of your company.

Let us help you!

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